It’s a simple and honest start to our farm – we want to provide affordable, quality chickens to meet the needs of families like ours in our community.
Our commitment to the land, environment and humane raising of our chickens is evident in our products. You can rest assured there are no growth hormones, antibiotics or GMOs, allowing us to offer truly ethical 100% halal by hand meat. Our promise is a process that is traceable and transparent from the farm to your table.
We are proud to be licensed by CFO (Chicken Farmers of Ontario) for small batch artisanal farming and are passionate about sharing our experience and innovation as farmers.
We want for your family what we want for ours.

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Our Poultry Products

Chicken Thika Farm offers farm fresh eggs and 100% organic halal by hand whole chickens for your table.

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Whole Chickens


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Farm fresh eggs & whole chickens

Due to COVID-19, we will be using contactless delivery, pick-up and e-payments. Please complete the form and we will get back to you shortly.